make the most of every moment

our intelligent personal scheduling service will help you

Going to a festival?

Get to as many great acts as you can

We build a personal schedule for you based on the acts on your wish list, your preferences, performance times, availability, and time needed to get between venues.


Get to more of the sessions that matter

We find times and venues for the sessions on your wish list, then build you a personal schedule taking into account your preferences, availability, location, and getting between venues to maximise the value of your time.

Running events?

Increase attendance and satisfaction

Attendees who see and do more of what they want are likely to be more satisfied, to promote the event, and to return. We help your audience plan their time and travel to make the most of their time.

Developing web or mobile apps?

Turn wish lists into schedules

Integrate our intelligent scheduling service so that your users can focus on finding acts or presenters they like, rather than trying to work out which performances or sessions they can make it to.

How Does it Work?

You tell us what activities you want to do, and how much you value each of them

We combine this wish list with other information including where and when each activity can be done, when and where you are available, and transport details. The service automatically builds your schedule to maximise the value of your time. You can get a schedule for a fixed period, such as a weekend, or ask us to recommend the best time to go based on what you’d like to do and how long you want to go for. If there are gaps in the schedule that we can’t fill from your wish list you can ask us to recommend something. We learn about your behaviour and preferences, and use that to improve the schedules.

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